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Tarot – On the Cardsaugust 8 leo

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Tarot – On the Cards【august 8 leo】: This week there are numbers that

Tarot – On the Cardsaugust 8 leo

Tarot – On the Cardsaugust 8 leo

This week there are numbers that will help in certain areas. These are to be chanted or written and with faith and belief, one can get relief with some conditions.

Chennai: However, this is definitely not a substitute for proper medical intervention should it be needed. So make your decisions wisely. Use these in addition to proper medical attention! The Week Ahead June 20 – 26Throat pains and complaints: 812, 212, 66, 4 Mosquito or other insects bites: 812, 212, 66, 5 Burns from fire or hot water: 812, 212, 66, 6 Low blood pressure: 812, 212, 66, 12 High blood pressure: 812, 212, 66, 13 Jaundice, paleness: 812, 212, 66, 14 Cold, temperature: 812, 212, 66, 21 Paralysis: 812, 212, 66, 28 Diabetic: 812, 212, 66, 30 Shock, fear, phobias: 812, 212, 66, 32 Arthritis and gastric troubles: 812, 212, 66, 33 Gas effects and swellings: 812, 212, 66, 35 Asthma, stomach pains for children: 812, 212, 66, 37 7 Loose motions: 812, 212, 66, 38 Cold, running nose, and sneezing: 812, 212, 66, 39 Nausea or vomiting: 812, 212, 68, 7 Pimples on the face: 5, 66 Allergy from dust and smoke: 68, 37 Any kind of pain: 6, 362, 5 Constipation: 5, 30 Dryness and pain in the throat: 5, 32 Severe pain because of cancer: 19,6, 362, 5 Heart trouble, blood pressure and sleeplessness: 5, 38 Fever: 518517519814ARIES (20 MARCH – 20 APRIL) The Death card which comes shows that it is a time for transformation and change. It does not mean physical death but rather a time of transition and when whatever is not needed for the future must be given up. This is a card that brings release from the past and new beginnings and opportunities. On the home front, it may be time to transform or even leave to reflect on the new circumstances. Financially it is a time to curb spending and focus your efforts on what will bring you the greatest rewards. Also, it’s a time to let go. The Justice card tells you that there is a decision that will go in your favour. A situation is resolved ending a time of uncertainty and this card sometimes heralds the end of a legal matter. In general terms, it shows balance and success.TAURUS (20 APRIL – 21 MAY)The Hierophant stands for unity and in everyday life committing to your goals and make them a reality. Take action instead of daydreaming and also asks you to know yourself more deeply and to be open to new wisdom. The Hierophant also asks you to be more generous to be able to ensure money flows back to you. This is also a card that asks you to deepen your spiritual understanding often with a supportive group. The Six of Cups indicates that old friends and acquaintances come back into your life and you are also feeling very nostalgic and with happy memories. This is a card also where you will be sought out by many people and this will make you feel loved and wanted.GEMINI (21 MAY – 21 JUNE)There is the presence of a strong leader-like person who is someone you turn to for inputs, advice and possibly mentorship. And when this happens you feel your problems are solved and there is a return to order and also that decisions go your way. This person is very ambitious who needs plenty of mental stimulation and this could even be you if the cap fits. This could also turn out sometimes where there will be disruption and power games being played. You will know if that happens. The King of Pentacles indicates honesty stability and good cash flow and many financial issues being sorted out. This could also mean a lot of finances being taken care of by influential family members.CANCER (21 JUNE – 23 JULY)When the Star card comes possibilities are such that you are guided and inspired. There is guidance, hope and inspiration which is a good cocktail for success. And it is a time to nurture your talents and express your feelings and you are on the right path. At home, you could focus on building new things, decluttering and add new décor. There will also be acknowledgment for your work and rewards for that will also come in. There will be contests and competition as the five of wands indicates but they could be more of opinions rather than conflict. You will need to reign in your ego a bit so that you get a fair compromise in all situations.LEO (23 JULY – 23 AUGUST)The card Temperance says that it is time to reconcile- to be able to balance the opposites, complete many tasks at once and these could test your skills and patience. If you can do it then you will realize how resourceful you truly are. This card also indicates the healing of some past issues. At home, you will be hard-pressed to meet the demands of older and younger generations and there will be many joint family decisions on home improvements. You could also be trying very hard to meet a partner’s expectations and dealing with past relationship issues. This is also a time to stay grounded while others can react as much as they want.VIRGO (23 AUGUST – 23 SEPTEMBER)The Seven of Wands comes to tell you that you ought to stay true to your goals and beliefs; and also to protect those who cannot speak for themselves and stand their ground. It is totally worth the effort. Do not doubt your motivation and also do not let pride stop you from standing down. You could also be finding it hard to choose what path to take because there are multiple talents you have and you don’t know which will take you far. The King of Cups stands for a person who is understanding emotionally and helps you with creativity and family issues. This person could also be the romantic partner and protector. This could also be someone who suppresses your emotions and can be stubborn and domineering.LIBRA (23 SEPTEMBER – 23 OCTOBER)The Moon card asks you what do you want? And it will be a difficult choice as you will doubt what’s on offer and feel you can’t see a clear picture. Take your time to listen to your inner voice and don’t have to give in to pressure to make a decision. Intuition rather than reason will light the way. You could also be having doubts about your decision to move or renovate. A need to find quiet time and space for yourself in your home. You could also be having a nagging feeling that something is not right and there could be a crisis of faith in a relationship. However, the Chariot card tells you to move forward with confidence.SCORPIO (23 OCTOBER – 22 NOVEMBER)The Sun card assures vitality, success, happiness, protection and joy. Some worries will go away and there will be further meaning to good health and renewed energy. Children and friends will gather bringing warmth and fun into your home. When it comes to money it is time to enjoy success and status and your proposals and work will be applauded. Now is the time to share your beliefs and work with others and have fun with kindred spirits. A return to the light after a testing time. Don’t get frustrated by delayed plans. Everything will quickly go back on track. The Ten of Cups assures you happiness, peace and time for loved ones. You could be extending your family or home now. The High Priestess says that your intuition will be right and you could also find a course guide or advisor at this time.SAGITTARIUS (22 NOVEMBER –22 DECEMBER)The Empress card shows you that life is abundant. And you need to enjoy this productive joyful time – with the renewed energy you will be able to develop your projects decorate your home spend time with children and give yourself lots of luxury. Money flows and love grows under the empress’s influence. There is contentment and harmony at home and you could be considering extending your home or premises. However, you could be getting caught between two women so manage that part as best as you can. Work-wise this is a time for growth and most of your past efforts will be rewarded. The Three of Cups shows fun with family friends and lots of new faces.CAPRICORN (22 DECEMBER – 20 JANUARY)There could be a decision that needs to be made, or you would need to work out a financial arrangement or simply contemplating moving to a new place. You could be having options and you will be going back and forth on this making things seem a little stressful and anxiety-ridden. There could also be a lack of support and money to spend where it is needed. A decision could go against your interests. The Six of Pentacles shows that you are in a giving mode- gifts and generosity will flow from you to others and you are truly kind to many around you. You also see the positive side of life. However, you could be keeping money secrets and avoid dealing with debts and other obligations.AQUARIUS (20 JANUARY –18 FEBRUARY)When the Emperor card comes it shows that all is in order. Help protection and the influence of a powerful individual. Tradition is the watchword of the Emperor so play by rules rather than flout convention. Now is also the time to care for your home, set boundaries of your property and restore order after conflicts and arguments. When it comes to a career there is strong leadership promotion and success. A good work-life balance is there right now. This card also tells you that your guides are protecting you. The Eight of Cups shows timely departure and it is often a quiet leaving as there is nothing more to say.PISCES (18 FEBRUARY –20 MARCH)You could be feeling disillusioned and bored so you will find it difficult to muster your enthusiasm to get things done. You could be feeling stuck in a big rut and this boredom turns to frustration. So make a decision to do something about it. Also, look for the things being offered to you which you probably don’t see because of this attitude. The Page of Pentacles however brings you to cheer regarding money. This may come as a small cash amount or a job opportunity to boost your mood and confidence. The Page could also represent youngsters who will do you proud because of their achievements.

august 8 leoTarot – On the Cards

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