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Tarot – On the cardsmarch horoscope aries

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Tarot – On the cards【march horoscope aries】: This week are some switc

Tarot – On the cardsmarch horoscope aries

Tarot – On the cardsmarch horoscope aries

This week are some switchwords that can come handy for some situations. Use them as much as you want and be dazzled by the results. They need to be chanted as many times as possible and can be done any time of the day. Trust that they work and they will.

Chennai: The Week Ahead July 11-17For work to be done fast:RushOilFinallyBizzDoneFast healing:FlashBuzzConsiderRockAmbrosiaBlue bonnetMirth.To get good rains:BeginQuenchNowFor good health:Cedar Pine ChipsshutholdblueberriesVibrantCoronaImmunityBeInk.For prevention of hair fall:ReverseRestoreRootLearn.To reprogramme mind, remove negative thoughts:Dancing CaneReassessDeleteCancelSnapSupremeHighestPotential.For any event to be successful:EnsurePerfectFlowWithDivineOrderButterEase.To be happy in job:KeepLeisureTapCrocodileWallUpRejoiceSkyWingsClimbUp.ARIES (20 MARCH – 20 APRIL)There is likely to be stability and good cash flow after a period of uncertainty and if there is honesty in all dealings then you can be sure that the outcomes are going to be good. The King of Pentacles indicates that there is someone – rather powerful and strong who will make his presence felt and will also act as some kind of a mentor to ensure that you get things done in an effective manner. This person is generous, supportive and practical. On the flip side, it is possible that there is some secrecy or dishonesty to make sure you comb all important papers and promises for the fine print. The Four of Wands indicates relaxation and freedom from usual pressures and it also shows that it is time for a change from one home to another new one.TAURUS (20 APRIL – 21 MAY)The Nine of Cups indicates that you can make your dreams come true and it is also that whatever and wherever you focus your energy success will follow. So ensure that you put that into things you feel you are cut out to do and not waste them in mostly worldly activities. It also shows self-centeredness where there is a need for generosity. You could feel ignored and neglected by many others who you feel are so busy feathering their own nests. The Hierophant stands for unity and in your everyday life, he shows you committing to your goals so that they become a reality. You take action rather than daydream. He is also a symbol of education and is asking you to know yourself deeply and to be open to new wisdom.GEMINI (21 MAY – 21 JUNE)The card Strength tells to be patient and have courage. Under all circumstances. There seems to be tension around you, and you will have to keep strong-minded individuals — or your own urges — in check. Hold your space, be patient, and you will succeed. This is the time when you can give support to others going through a hard time and it could be testing but you have the heart to offer consistent help and support. This is also a time when relationships issues heal and love grows stronger. When it comes to money and career first observe rather than react to confrontation. Defend yourself calmly, you will succeed. Look carefully at your finances and do not overspend just now.CANCER (21 JUNE – 23 JULY)The Queen of Cups suggests a tumultuous time with emotions running high and all over the place. You are doing your best to keep things under control, but it is a struggle. It is also however a time for giving and receiving love and also to express yourself creatively. You will find yourself very drawn to things that show you in the creative light and you will do well there along with being nurturing and also sensitive to the needs of others. This card points out issues with mother figures and you feel you are missing the support you ought to get. The Empress tells you that life is abundant, and this is a time when you should enjoy a productive time.LEO (23 JULY – 23 AUGUST)The Eight of Wands suggests that you have multiple interests and career options that you would like to give attention to. But that is not possible without burning out and not giving enough to anyone. But it is indeed action time, so do fire away with your plans and enjoy lots of travel and insight as all your projects are blessed. What you need to do is to take them up one by one and ensure that you give them time, attention. In the process, you could be misunderstood so be clear about your intentions to those you work with and those you work for. Double-check all your paperwork. With so many things going on there is a danger of being locked in indecision.VIRGO (23 AUGUST – 23 SEPTEMBER)The Knight of Pentacles shows that consistent efforts bring rewards and relationships are steady right now. You are also working with a person who is trustworthy and consistent, or you could be having someone in your life who is like that. This also shows new directions in terms of work and this could be spearheaded by those in the younger age bracket. There is money involved and it will involve projects that bring financial rewards. The Five of Pentacles shows that you have fears of poverty or rejection. So under such circumstances try not to overreact and avoid making money decisions until you feel secure about finances. It is also a possibility that money, work problems could impact your relationships.LIBRA (23 SEPTEMBER – 23 OCTOBER)You could be on the move with the Knight of Swords showing up and also indicating energy and ideas coming up fast. Everything speeds up and it is also a card for house moves. It could also be that you will meet someone who is soulful and exciting a bit capricious but if single this could herald a time of companionship and togetherness. The Knight also shows that where there is a will there is a way and if you have been struggling with a difficult issue don’t lose heart because you are on your way to getting it fixed and to your advantage. The Queen of Wands confirms this as she tells you to step into power.SCORPIO (23 OCTOBER – 22 NOVEMBER)At this point in time, you could be feeling some kind of a loss or a situation that ends that makes you feel on edge and uncomfortable. It is not something of your making but there it is something beyond your control. You could see if you can salvage it but don’t try too hard because in life it so happens that when you move to a higher point, things that are not for your highest good will drop away. So look ahead with confidence and move on. You could also be feeling a bit isolated and alone and not see other things that are good in your life, but the tendency will be to look at what is not there rather than what is there. The Knight of Cups ensures that there is a proposal a potential for a good thing coming about or an opportunity that will gladden your heart.SAGITTARIUS (22 NOVEMBER –22 DECEMBER)There could be some small challenges, news and legal issues coming your way and you should look out for someone who is witty but somewhat slippery as an eel. The Page of Swords shows that this person is actually very smart and with his /her talk you could be taken in that and will be willing to do all that is on offer. Examine everything carefully and ensure that you don’t get conned for even a moment. There could be issues with words and documents so do double-check paperwork and contracts properly. The Page is the kind that could also cause trouble. The Six of Pentacles indicates that you are in a charitable frame of mind and you are generous with those around you.CAPRICORN (22 DECEMBER – 20 JANUARY)It is happiness, peace and time for your loved ones as the Ten of Cups is indicating. There is a possibility that you will be extending your home or family. You will however need to pay attention to communication in relationships and you will surely make progress. You will then know where you stand. This could be one of the best times of your life personally and family-wise. There will be harmony and there will be togetherness. The Nine of Wands suggests that you will need to decide where to expend your energies and resources. You are in a strong position, but all the exertion can take its toll. You will have to go easy on yourself for the better part.AQUARIUS (20 JANUARY –18 FEBRUARY)The High Priestess tells you that your intuition is right and your dream and this provide the answers you seek and need. This is a card that reveals the truth coming from unconventional sources and at this time you could even find a good course to pursue or a guide or an advisor. This is also a time for privacy as you may need to study read or just enjoy peace and quiet. Cloister yourself away if needed. Take advice from wise and trusted people and success for you will come from looking at what is missing rather than what is there. The King of Cups shows emotional understanding from someone around you.PISCES (18 FEBRUARY –20 MARCH)There could be a decision that needs to be made and there is also a need to work out a financial arrangement as the Two of Pentacles suggests. There could also be contemplation about moving house or putting your money in real estate which has more than one option. You could feel a lack of support and money to spend where it is needed and a decision could go against your interests. There could be travel coming up and it will mostly have to do with work or with new collaborations in the making. The Five of Wands shows contests and competitions in terms of opinions rather than conflict.

march horoscope ariesTarot – On the cards

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