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Tarot On The Cardsjune 2 zodiac

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Tarot On The Cards【june 2 zodiac】: Tarot On The Cards

Tarot On The Cardsjune 2 zodiac

Tarot On The Cardsjune 2 zodiac

Tarot On The Cards

Chennai: ARIES (20 MARCH – 20 APRIL)The Page of Cups emphasizes autonomy and your youthful attributes and where you possibly could need to have more understanding and compassion for others. This could also mean that if you are not this then you could be on your way to meeting somebody who is like this. Or have someone like this in your life. So at this point then express your wishes and fears clearly and directly and then act. And with new insights, empathy and understanding you can recognize your own path and that way you can be of help to yourself and to others. So basically the card is telling you to speak out so that all those around you know what you want and intend. The Ace of Cups indicates the gift of life and also has to do with needs and longings beliefs.TAURUS (20 APRIL – 21 MAY)When the Page of Pentacles appears, it shows that your ideas are headed in the right direction. And, it is important to maintain a focus on your goals and aspirations. Now is the time to make concrete plans and take action. The Page also indicates individuals who are youthful and who appear confident and self-assured. They thrive on learning new things and enjoy exploring their own interests. You could ask yourself about how you could be open to new opportunities in your life and also whether new messages and projects are being presented to you at this time. The Five of Pentacles shows fear, anxiety or hardship. But these seem and feel burdensome but are actually blocking your mindset from thinking abundance.GEMINI (21 MAY – 21 JUNE)The Seven of Cups shows cups filled with sparkling crystals and gold and many other elements all of which go to say that these could be illusionary. It marks a time when you could be feeling overwhelmed with options and consequently cannot make a clear decision. It also indicates that you could be having unrealistic expectations about what you can do and what you cannot. This makes it all feel like there is an unstable connection from reality. This card is also one of the choices, temptations dreams and desires. The good news is that the Nine of Cups comes to show that it is a time of satisfaction, peace and shows fulfilled desires, and positive energies that surround you at this time.CANCER (21 JUNE – 23 JULY)Drawing the Ten of Swords indicates the end of a cycle and a new one beginning. This also shows there is hardship and you are feeling very pinned down with the pressure and stress. There is frustration too as things don’t go the way you wish them to and you are in some pain. And this is a card that appears during difficult life challenges that could be very traumatic, somewhat unexpected. You could also be feeling betrayed by those you trusted in but also know that this is paving the way for a new phase. Learn to move forward in the best possible manner; it transforms the negatives and you will see the light shine through eventually.LEO (23 JULY – 23 AUGUST)The Queen of Swords suggests a strong wise woman who has envisioned her life through her own perceptions and high intellect. Your strength and powers of discernment are needed at this time and you may want to detach your inner emotions or fears from your given situation to make an objective decision. Look to all facts before making any judgments. You are also very insightful and quick-witted and speak your truth at the appropriate time. Not particularly emotional you connect with people through your sharp intellect and bonding well with those who get you. It also shows clarity of thoughts, purpose and hence actions that follow.VIRGO (23 AUGUST – 23 SEPTEMBER)There are new perspectives regarding your life goals – as suggested by the Seven of Pentacles. It could be that you feel like you have worked very hard but yet to reap the rewards. But now is not the time to give up and if you are feeling stuck now take time to rest and think about what you are going to do next. Your priorities could have shifted or that you have learned things that you might want to use. Look at your life and all that you have accomplished and all that you should be grateful for. The Knight of Wands shows there is a youthful energy that will come to lift you out of your current state of mind and force you to make things happen for yourself. This person will bring boundless energy into your lifeLIBRA (23 SEPTEMBER – 23 OCTOBER)Getting the Ten of Cups is magical and a sign of great happiness in your life. It shows this in all major areas- family, relationships, friends and love and then asks you to make the most of what life is offering you right now. Things don’t get better than this and it also reflects the bonds you have forged with many over time. There is abundance too and you can rest assured that this is a good time for you and you should enjoy the blessings that are being offered to you. But the Nine of Swords indicates a state of inner disharmony and habitual worrying that may bring about anxiety, insomnia and fear. These are hindering your overall health and points of view.SCORPIO (23 OCTOBER – 22 NOVEMBER)The Justice card represents the search for higher truth, integrity and fairness. And this card asks you to put aside all your emotions and attachments allowing you to view the situation with impartiality. The card also indicates a time for introspection as you look to solve a problem or challenge. The actions you take, the words you speak and the thoughts you have will shape your reality. Be fair with yourself and with others and don’t make assumptions and definitely be objective to the extent possible. The King of Pentacles tells you to look to the future with clarity and move forward with self-discipline and determination and then there is nothing that you cannot achieve or accomplish. He reminds you to stay attentive to details and be open to new opportunities.SAGITTARIUS (22 NOVEMBER –22 DECEMBER)You are in a place of value and power as you hone your skills and work culture to the best of your abilities. Your work will speak for itself as you will win the appreciation and applause of colleagues and others who see what you have done to reach greater heights. It is also a new beginning full of inspiration vitality and movement. This is a seed that has the potential to grow into something great and highlights new breakthroughs in consciousness. From here anything is possible. The Eight of Wands is a card of action transition and positive news. There are plenty of new opportunities coming your way and this energises you enough to force you to make things happen.CAPRICORN (22 DECEMBER – 20 JANUARY)You could be feeling the intense wavering of the mind that will lead you to believe that all your anxieties worries will actually materialize. Rest assured they will not because you are right now under the influence of the moon which can play up the dark side and make you feel all the debilitating emotions. The Moon card will also make you vulnerable to the opinions from those around you when you need to be the one to make decisions for yourself. The Five of Cups will leave you feeling isolated and feeling alone and you are not likely to see the good things in your life. If only you get past these turbulent emotions you will see there are many good things awaiting you.AQUARIUS (20 JANUARY –18 FEBRUARY)The Four of Swords often highlights a time to retreat from the stress and chaos of the world. If you have been undergoing any setbacks or difficulties take a moment to reflect on the issues at hand. You need this time to revitalize yourself to face or resolve any potential challenges that may return. This pause can offer you a fresh perspective and allow you the experience without feeling too much under pressure or rushed. The Page of Pentacles assures you that your ideas and plans are headed in the right direction, so it is important to maintain a focus on your goals and aspirations. Now is the time to make concrete plans and take action.PISCES (18 FEBRUARY –20 MARCH)The Wheel of Fortune makes one understand the ups and downs in life and with this comes a greater awareness of fate or potential opportunity encouraging you to identify the good parts and move to better environments. If you have been a spell of bad luck or difficult challenges, then the time will also come where things will be on the upswing and there will be much brightness and light. Also know that the Universe is a field of infinite possibilities and everything will happen in the way you choose your thoughts. The Nine of Pentacles will see you on a high financially.

june 2 zodiacTarot On The Cards

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