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Tarot – On the cardsmale taurus love horoscope for today

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Tarot – On the cards【male taurus love horoscope for today】: Take a lo

Tarot – On the cardsmale taurus love horoscope for today

Tarot – On the cardsmale taurus love horoscope for today

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Chennai: 20 MARCH – 20 APRILThe Eight of Wands says you will be driven forward to reach your goals much faster than you thought. So expect to be busy and occupied. Go with the flow and don’t resist. Don’t slow things down because of fear and anxiety. Use your drive to fuel changes and get good results. You must be focussed to ensure you see the goals clearly. If there are incomplete projects, you can look forward to them being done soon.20 APRIL – 21 MAYThe Moon card shows there are fears and illusions which often show up as you confront the present and the future. Connect with your subconscious and release anything holding you back. It’s a time of uncertainty and nothing seems as it is. Be careful while making decisions. Allow your inner self to guide you. Your dreams, intuitions and inner guidance lead you forward toward higher levels of understanding.21 MAY – 21 JUNE The King of Cups indicates you have mastery over emotions, creativity and other things connected to feelings. In control is what describes you best at this juncture. And that is probably why you don’t let it get the better of you. You keep the balance with yourself as well as those around you. Be firm on personal boundaries and make smart decisions. As you interact with others, you might need to navigate strong feelings and emotional triggers.21 JUNE – 23 JULYThe Lovers card brings connections and good relationships. You could find your soulmate or life partner and then it could also show close friendship or family relationships. To make good choices you need to be clear about what you believe in. And this can also be a bit difficult. Don’t decide based on fear, worry or guilt. The Seven of Cups indicates new opportunities and choices. There are likely to be illusions and some could be unrealistic.23 JULY – 23 AUGUSTThe World card brings to you a sense of purpose, wholeness, achievement and success after a long time. This will bring you closure on many things that were left hanging till now and you could also see many celebrations – marriage, birth, achieving dreams and aspirations. So now is also the time to reflect on what you have been through and learn from them, so that you have a clean path ahead minus the mistakes.23 AUGUST – 23 SEPTEMBERThe Knight of Wands shows the pursuit of a new idea and you are charged with passion, motivation and enthusiasm. You seem to have a clear vision about what you want and are moving forward to turn it into reality. Also, you enjoy the extra attention that your charisma and adventures bring. The Temperance card brings balance, patience and moderation. Remain calm even if things are stressful and hurried around you.23 SEPTEMBER – 23 OCTOBERThe Ace of Wands suggests that you follow your heart and pursue your passion with conviction. If you feel drawn to a new project or path, take it up. Let your energy be your guide. This card is a positive affirmation about what you want to do and get. If anything seems like a good idea, it probably is. Now you have the opportunity to grow, so you may take up a class or course to improve your skills.23 OCTOBER – 22 NOVEMBERThe King of Pentacles signifies wealth, abundance and success. And this could also be someone who is a faithful provider in your life and who helps you create wealth and prosperity. There is also good advice and wisdom coming from this source. This card also shows that you are now confident of leading and that you can teach people a few things or two. And that you are able to translate your ideas into something tangible with financial rewards.22 NOVEMBER–22 DECEMBERThe Queen of Swords shows great clarity and intellectual superiority – this is you or someone in your life. This card indicates the presence of a gift that enables you to use the intellect and unbiased judgement even as you are able to other points of view. You lead with the head and not the heart. You are also a truth-seeker, open to others and their inputs. You will need to secure your territory.22 DECEMBER– 20 JANUARYThe Five of Pentacles shows you are needlessly worrying about finances. Negative feelings will only feed off these thoughts and manifest more situations where you feel money is inadequate. This indicates feeling of lack and want. This is a temporary situation. You may also be feeling isolated and neglected. But all you have to do is ask, there will always be help.20 JANUARY –18 FEBRUARYThe Two of Wands shows you are not ready to make moves towards living your imagined life – especially if you have to step outside your comfort zone. Let intuition and intense desires guide your next course of action. You have already come so far. You could also be contemplating travel or a career switch. There is out there a world of immense possibilities that you can explore if you are ready to take chances.18 FEBRUARY–20 MARCHThe Queen of Wands is asking you to be confident when it comes to work related matters. Be bold in your undertakings and do not be afraid to own your power. This is you being a leader and in the know of anything to do with progress in the work environment. Do not waste your time on activities or relationships you believe will lead nowhere. Some good opportunities are coming and take this on with gusto.

male taurus love horoscope for todayTarot – On the cards

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